Jet Fireball Horror Drowned in a Paddling Pool of Olive Oil

Alright, someone’s definitely tripping. You can’t kick off with something that crazy and expect everyone involved to be completely on the level. What’s almost definitely happened is that a severely drunk person has spied their children’s splash pool and let their addled mind run away with them. For one thing, if the various laws of physics apply to whatever scenario plays out, olive oil would only enflame said horror further. Twouldn’t drown even a little bit.

So maybe the fireball of horror isn’t actually all that fiery or is merely so in a strictly metaphorical sense. Perhaps someone’s red headed girlfriend with attitude problems was bumped off in a less than dignified fashion. Or it didn’t have to be anything to do with relationships at all. Someone could have finally confronted their deepest fears and, it all having happened to occur in a dreamscape, did it in a deeply weird way.

Call it my female intuition (I don’t actually have any, it’s just an easy thing for me to say directly before I start making stuff up. I’m trying to conceal quite how strange I actually am) but something’s telling me that the olive oil sloshing against the brim of its container is faintly symbolic. Rather than anything that would smack of something politically or even religiously charged they’re probably hankering after a swanky European holiday.

It may just represent luxuriousness or even good food, healthy living and whatnot. It’s a sign that one day capitalism really will win out and swallow down an insidious malicious force that’s been threatening to bring it down for quite some time now. Or maybe, just maybe it was too temptingly weird an image that I couldn’t resist playing around with it even if I had literally no idea in which direction to proceed with it. A writer’s lure if you will.


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