Universities Told to Raise Terror Threat

You really can’t go about charging those truly stonking fees if you insist on playing it quite so safe. I’m not saying that anyone’s remotely interested in turning academic institutions into extremist training grounds or anything quite so extreme. Frankly, if you read that interpretation into my opening remark I think we should almost definitely be a little worried about your mental state. Is the paranoia creeping in? How about now?

However, once you’ve left school but realised you’re quite definitely not ready for the real world you have the opportunity to dive into the bosomy embrace of the university bubble. In order for you to emerge from the other side of graduation as a fully functioning adult (I didn’t say it worked even every now and then. It’s a largely theoretical study and any success may or may not be coincidental) the time ought to be used for different types of thinking and junk.

So the pressure is now on for universities to inspire its students to explore hitherto unknown corridors of cognition. The completely unintended side effect of this is that things may tend towards a state of very slight chaos. Masters of the universe (as some attendees are sure to discover for themselves that they absolutely are) are sadly slightly prone to dissatisfaction once they realise that the wider world is unlikely to bend over backwards in order to specifically cater to their needs.

As such, radicalisation is bound to occur just a little bit. This leads to anarchy, revolution and copious leafleting in order to spread the word as regards their personal agenda. The terror threat you’re thinking of with guns ablaze and suicide vests afire almost definitely won’t be in the least directly affected. However, some are bound to use methods to take the world by storm that are a tiny bit out of bounds. C’est la vie.


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