Soaring Cost of EU Hitler Jibe

You can tell it’s all getting a little bit desperate can’t you? Once comparisons to Hitler have been entered into consideration there are a very few directions you can take your campaign in. I have to say that I’m actually rather disappointed. Where’s the originality? Why leap straight to Hitler when there are so many other monstrous former dictators you could go with? We’re still six weeks away from the vote and Boris has nowhere to escalate to.

Imagine how beautifully and hauntingly allusions and references could have ramped their way up to Adolf. But now all that’s been ruined and I think we ought to take it as tacit resignation. The vote doesn’t really need to happen any more, if that’s the best they can do at this stage of proceedings we’re clearly sticking with the rest of the continent we’re clearly a part of.

But the loss of credibility and face aren’t the only costs of the remarks. Perhaps Boris meant it to be nothing more than an off the cuff joke or such that’s blown up spectacularly in his face. Whatever the thought process behind it there’s no way to take it back and people are becoming increasingly het up over the aftermath. The Germans may not have piped up with anything to say regarding the issue but plenty of folk are offended on their behalf.

There’s a growing campaign that wants to see him fined. Well, that particular punishment is more of a headline and others think matters should go a hell of a lot deeper. Strip him of office, roll him in excrement and toss him off London Bridge. While I think that this is just a tad harsh, you can see that some are merely using this latest outburst as an excuse to rid themselves of a politician they don’t approve of. It’s definitely not an overreaction based on another privileged twit stirring things up on the other side of the pond.


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