RSPCA: Sorry We Take Holiday in Term Time

It doesn’t matter in the slightest how righteous you happen to be during your day job. I don’t care if you’ve been fixing sick dogs, rehoming confused birds or getting cats out of sticky legal situations, there’s no excuse for bad behaviour. You’re not exempt from those pesky rules and regulations that govern the rest of us. Can’t you just be satisfied by that beatifically rosy glow bestowed by goodly works? Do you actually think you’re sufficiently special that extra rule bending is warranted?

Perhaps there are some onlookers getting a little bit confused about the situation so let’s spell things out in order to clear matters up ever so slightly. When you’re a stunted human with mentally subnormal faculties (it’s been a while since I’ve spent time with children) you are required to attend institutions where knowledge can be imparted to you.

Depending on the one your learned parents select you’ll be subjected to different varieties of social circles, extra curricular activities and, well, subjects. If you keep showing off then the odds are highly in your favour that you might just scrape together a few qualifications (it’s no guarantee but your competition will have them when you get to job hunting so it’s your opportunity to demonstrate to everyone how incredibly superior you are). They’ll even given you regularly scheduled holidays.

However, holiday providers exploit the increased demand for families with sproglets. Naturally. That’s essentially the deal when you choose to reproduce. How dare you try and strip we childless freaks of our smug satisfaction when we’re able to jet off to exotic corners of the globe whenever we feel like? It’s just not fair. Folk from all walks of life are trying to get away with this and I’ve had it. No more Disneyland during off peak season. RSPCA or no.

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