Favourite BBC Shows Facing PPI Claims Sharks

The BBC is definitely in something of a bad way. Some villain, be they a foe from the private sector or the government, has lashed them to the train tracks and their impending slaughter is bearing inexorably down on them. But there’s no need to worry because Bake Off should definitely be on again sometime soon (I definitely haven’t just disappeared for half an hour of browsing the internet in order to find an approximate air date. Or did I? August 5th).

But the powers that be have devised an ingenious new way of ensuring profitability, competitiveness or some other hoop for the programmers to jump through just because they can. Get the PPI people on it. If the producers, writers, talent, runners, engineers, crew and every last person who works their magic in order to make telly magic can resist then they’ll probably get to keep their budget to keep the lights on and that.

However, should any one member of that close knit cohesive team fail then the empire will crumble. If they so much as admit the vaguest possibility that they might be due some level of compensation the inquisitors will take it as a tacit admission that their show no longer deserves to be made, let alone aired. Production will be shut down faster than a gnat fart and we’ll find ourselves quite suddenly in a world without Have I Got News For You. Or the delights of Wolf Hall (haven’t seen it). Dare I hope that this will be the end of EastEnders (I may not have experienced that one either).

Since no one’s happy to pay the license fee (though are amazingly all too happy to fork out fortunes for optional telly packages that are obviously such better value) we’re reduced to stunts like this. At least a method along these lines allows folk the chance to prove themselves. Otherwise it’s a lottery and those things never end well.


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