Corrupt Regimes Get Abandoned By Hospitals

You would think that those who walk the halls of our benevolent healing factories would keep up their constant façade of open healing hands and general loveliness. No matter what the weather, their personal circumstances or whatever might be going down with their contracts, it’s their obligation to over their curative services to whomever might cross their threshold. Apparently not. So much for a national health service.

We’ve all felt the lure of the dark side. Evil wouldn’t get half as many subscribers if it wasn’t incredibly tempting to get on board. You’ll feel simply wonderful when you start exploiting the poor for a profit or stepping all over those who helped get you to your vaulted position. Corrupt regimes start springing up left, right and centre because people start putting their own personal gratification above all else. Or so I’ve heard, I wouldn’t know anything whatsoever about quite such a selfish position.

Anyway, such systems of governance and whatnot tend to burn themselves out after a period of initial stability and indomitableness (it’s definitely a word). All societies tend towards the utopian state of democracy and socialism – it simply takes some a few more millennia than others (there are also those that might need to be helped along in this endeavour just a little bit).

When they crumble and crack and find themselves in the gutter, certain members might find themselves in need of medical aid. This is when the angels in scrubs ought to descend, instruments in hand to make absolutely everything better. But the callous healthcare professionals suddenly find themselves inundated with so-called legitimate patients and leave the poor beleaguered warlords out on the street to who knows what fate? It is the greatest tragedy any culture has ever faced and I think we ought to have a whip round or at least a moment of silence for the victims.


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