Thousands of Heart Patients Help the West’s Enemies

You may well swear blind that you’re a perfectly loyal little citizen, entirely in keeping with the laws and values of the nation you love so dearly. While that may be going just ever so slightly overboard (come on, keep it in your pants. You’re basically trying to lick the Queen’s boots) you’re essentially right for the main part. Probably. However, a select few are doing more harm than they might have previously even thought possible whether they realise it or not.

There will always be a few bad eggs, rotten apples or diseased lemmings in any population, those who have become disillusioned or crushed by the system they’re subjected to. Every now and then they’ll feel compelled to channel this malcontent into something destructive. This isn’t a story about those types. Rather than your scorn I wish to invite your sympathy for these poor unfortunate souls who’ve been led away from righteousness into an altogether more damaging cycle from which they’re unlikely to escape.

Heart patients are pretty vulnerable. They’ve been let down badly by that pumping friend they thought they’d be able to rely on until they were decidedly desiccated and wrinkly. Instead they’re confronted with problems with the old ticker so that becomes they’re focus from thereon in. So naturally they become prime targets for nefariousness. Personal information is winkled out in exchange for bogus promises of better health.

These details may escalate to more sensitive information depending on the patient in question and their access to official secrets and that. But there’s more. Said people can be fooled into taking illicit substances rather than the treatment they were expecting. Then nasty chemicals can enter the water supply, building up to an incredibly toxic level to the point that we tip over and begin rushing headlong into certain doom.


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