Khan Accuses Spy Chiefs

Some people are just so freaking adorable. They think that they can enter themselves into the public eye and then remain entitled to some iota of privacy. There may even be some lingering suspicion that keeping things secret is still a thing nowadays. However, the internet and surveillance and whatnot are rather putting a very permanent end to the days when the lid stayed firmly on your jar of personal minutiae you’d rather everyone else connected to a modem didn’t know.

In spite of this transition to a brand spanking new culture of openness and lack of barriers between various members of society, Khan’s been feeling concerned about people watching over his shoulder. The paranoia’s been mounting for months now throughout the mayoral campaign but even now that the longed for victory’s been clinched the sneaking suspicions refuse to go away. The dude watching from outside his house with binoculars doesn’t really help either.

When it comes to this particular variety of situation, you should be very careful how you proceed. If you find out that people are in fact documenting every last move you make you’re relatively entitled to feel however you want about it. Probably. Whatever it is you decide to do next however is the tricky portion of proceedings. You could go directly to whoever to try and discover the why, for example.

However, shouting out about your problems to the press, the public, essentially whoever’s listening would make you the opposite of the brightest penny in the fountain. Yes, you’ve uncovered a massive conspiracy but you’ll have tipped them off for no advantage. They’ll disappear you in an incredibly imaginative and surprisingly unsuspicious manner. You may have realised that they’re watching but you won’t see it coming what happens next. I guess this is a polite warning to Sadiq, please don’t target me over it.


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