Cheating Pledge is Abandoned

It feels like the bigwigs in charge of our nation simply don’t care about our world standing any more. They’re not remotely fussed that our position in all the league tables is slipping. We’re quite definitely not as important as we used to be (which absolutely isn’t merely down to the loss of that cherished empire we should probably be even more ashamed of). Now I’m sure the government is going to trot out all the same excuses as to why this isn’t such a huge tragedy but they’re wrong.

We deserve to be in charge. The world’s previous and current superpowers proved they weren’t up to the task and clearly everything would be so much better if the globe was to return to the rule of old Britannia (has someone spiked my tea in order to bring out this sudden jingoistic streak in me? I’m starting to get a little worried by my unexpected vitriol).

However, we lack the resource advantage that we had in the old days. Now rival nations also come equipped with their own shooty bang fire sticks so we can’t cow them into submission with superior firepower. We’re also just possibly not entirely as rich as we used to be compared to a select handful of other countries who are obviously mere upstarts undeserving of real attention.

So the only road to domination open is cheating. I clearly prefer to use the term utilising one’s resources effectively but we can call a spade a spade and admit that it’s ever so slightly fraudulent. By using subtle tactics that are a only or so tad underhand, we could have come back out on top. It would have been the beginning of another golden age. Probably. But Cameron has backed away from his promises and is back on the straight and narrow. Or so he claims.


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