Victory for Human Embryo Research

When it comes to studying and that, people can have some pretty ingrained, and it turns out incredibly wrong, notions. For one thing, they believe that research is a skill that can be learned. Oh very dear, how misguided they don’t know they are. Research and its sister talents are entirely innate. Any teacher that promises to impart to you such knowledge is leading you down the garden path most likely in the hope of frisking you for pennies or similar nonsense.

People simply haven’t been paying all that much attention to the endeavours of their young. It’s relatively understandable. Speaking as a non-parent, able to hand the infants back when they become even a little bit less cute, you can easily see how adults might miss worthy behaviours and instead focus on those that can be easily posted on social media. You know the sorts of thing: funny quotes, adorable videos, hilarious reasons as to why they’re in floods of tears.

Then they all get parcelled off to school where so-called professionals attempt to drum all sorts of learning into them that they’re simply not suited for. However, the lucky special chosen few will excel when it comes to all manner of book learning. They’ll already have been doing it for quite some time – as we so happen to have realised incredibly recently.

Human embryos are capable of a lot more than most people are prepared to give them credit for. Over the course of approximately seven months (for the first two they’re not really up to all that much, cut them some slack please) they philosophise over the finer workings of existence, devise incredibly insightful solutions for every problem they encounter (you’d be surprised how up on current affairs they are) and more. Sadly the trauma of birth wipes all this sagely knowledge out but it was definitely there for a bit.


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