Google Coup is Impossible

I really don’t care how much dirt they’ve got on you. We all know the sorts of stuff you go looking for on the internet, do you actually think anyone’s especially interested in that information? So what if the omnipotent overseers of cyberspace threaten to release your search history? Is the threat of such a deed enough to cow you into blind submission and subservience? Oh what a terrible age we live in. No I am not going to release my own in the name of fairness or whatever.

Even with these ever so slightly nefarious powers, it’s not enough to seize power. You need something along the lines of an army for that sort of thing. OR possibly terrifying weapons that will obliterate large sections of the globe and plunge us into that apocalyptic wasteland we’ve been dreaming about for so very long. Not that I’m dispensing tips or anything of that sort.

The holdup with Google’s desired rise to power is that they’ve got rivals. Were the company to band together with the likes of Microsoft, Apple and their cohorts we’d most likely be in rather a lot of trouble. We’re therefore pretty lucky that their inherent business related pettiness hasn’t forsaken them in the quest for ultimate glory. But that’s not the only reason that the grab for control will go horribly wrong.

There are the warriors, the battlers for the light who will make sure we come to no harm. You’ll be aware of them, they simply won’t have been the ones you turned to first once Google wormed its way onto the scene. They have so far been relegated to the backdrops of films and television shows that fail to depict the normalcy of life. And of course at their head is the glorious leader, the diminutive possessor of all knowledge that is Jeeves.


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