Warning Over Rise of 30,000 Children

This country is more than done with conventional leadership. The general public is exhausted by the constant offerings of lesser devils and least terrible alternatives. There are the publicly educated masters of the old guard who definitely know what’s best for us despite having nothing that might resemble the common touch. There are the champions of the people who sadly aren’t quite credible enough to achieve the actual power required to effect change. And obviously there’s also the assorted remainder of misfits who weren’t cut out for any other sort of occupation.

So there’s going to be a coup. It’s something of an unavoidable necessity and I think we can all agree that things will run that little bit smoother if we simply all go with the flow of it. Put the children in charge, there’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong with such a scheme and we’re probably all rather surprised such a thing hasn’t happened before now.

I know I’ve predicted major upheavals in the party political system before now that may or may not have occurred as of yet but this one’s quite definitely happening. A fleet of children will be very soon taking over the governance of our country and will do a surprisingly good job of it. It may be down to the excellent advice they’ll be receiving or perhaps their success is directly linked to their youthful spontaneity or whatever.

You definitely won’t need to be worried about the fact that they have a ridiculous amount of weaponry available to them. Not remotely troubling at all. Think about it, would you rather have a gaggling cascade of mentally immature rugrats with essentially no real world experience in charge of your larger life or perhaps to move away from the system we have at the moment? Did you notice my funny joke?


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