BBC Faces Checks Into Luxury Motors Free-For-All

The British Broadcasting Corporation, contrary to what they might otherwise have you believe, isn’t remotely strapped for cash. Well, they are in fact having some variety of fiduciary struggle but it’s something of a rod they’ve made for their own backs. As much as they complain that revenues from such streams have dried up ever so slightly if they were to use the monies as intended there would be nothing even resembling any kind of issue whatsoever.

Before the fat cat stranglehold of corporate greed took hold there were plenty of folk fired up with a glorious creative spirit. They envisioned beautiful quality programming at a cost that the licence fee payers would be able to appreciate. They wouldn’t exploit expense accounts, getting wasted on expensive bubbly or even more costly illicit drugs we’re not going to go into too much at this point. Sadly all that came to a grounding halt all too soon.

Then a tipping point was arrived at. Someone within the management system accepted what they saw at that juncture as an entirely innocent gift. It was an item in the realm of a bottle of wine or a hilarious fridge magnet. But from that instant on all bets were off and before long the luxurious presents kept on coming and all ethical standards were thrown out with the bathwater. The baby was filed under an expenses claim.

The fleet of top of the range sports cars was an entirely necessary move. The budget was perfectly well managed. More studio shows where the audience has to stump up for their ticket price were all that would be needed. Not to mention the lucrative sponsorship deals that could easily be called for. Creative integrity need not even enter into the picture if all the programmes are pre-financed, everyone knows that.


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