Justice for the Anti-Semitic Outbursts on Facebook

Freedom of speech simply hasn’t gone far enough. In this grand old day and age if there’s some kind of rule prohibiting the sacred right of getting rip roaringly drunk and letting yourself go on whatever topic you might select on a social media outlet of your choice then there’s something terribly wrong with the world. It’s a crying shame that we elite can’t come out with whatever we’re thinking and for there to be precisely zero consequences.

Should someone somewhere manage to take it into their insubstantial little heads that some variety of offence was meant by any comments launched into the ether then they really ought to be able to find a way to get over it. It’s hardly my fault that anyone out there might stumble across my inebriated ramblings (which have now been totally deleted by the way, there’s no way you’ll ever find any variety of evidence no matter how hard you look) and decide that I was referring to them.

So I think we should all take a moment to ponder the sympathy we definitely ought to be experiencing for a poor soul who said a mildly unfortunate thing on the internet. It was totally just because of the minority group they targeted. Had they mouthed off just a little about the terrorists or another religious group or even weird folk like the vegans there absolutely wouldn’t have been this kind of reaction.

But those… (nope, can’t finish the sentence without making it a hundred times worse. This dirt encrusted spade next to me is telling me that it’s time and past to change the subject). Anyway, it’s absolutely fine because a very expensive lawyer was able to wangle a fantastically face saving deal. Justice came at a completely reasonable price and the social media accounts have since been wiped from the face of cyberspace.


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