Snowy Blast to Go to Glasto

Inclement weather, not unlike girls, just wants to have fun. Every now and then people get on board with the programme and flock outside to frolic amongst the falling flakes. However, most times people shake their fists in anger in the direction of the heavens when it’s less than lovely out of doors. They proclaim that their day has been utterly ruined and the clouds can only hang their heads in disappointment at such a reaction. They may even begin to cry.

But that’s going to change. A bit. Perhaps. Maybe the weather’s simply going to become that little bit more gleeful about raining on various people’s parades. There was a massive precipitation conference. I’ll admit that I’m a little fuzzy on the logistics so I’m not completely certain whether it was swirls of hail conferring with eddies of wind or the weather mages having a bit of a knees up. However, certain words were exchanged and conclusions come to.

The main event that the showers and flurries and squalls were fighting so assiduously over. I’ve never been of course because mine is a life of extended boredom but certain folk out there hover anxiously over the internet for the line-up to be announced. I’m not sure whether it was Adele or Bastille or even the Syrian national orchestra that caught their eye but everyone’s suddenly very excited indeed about witnessing live music in a festival environment.

Rest assured, the elements won’t be stopping then. National gatherings and events of all flavours will soon be accompanied by increasingly terrible weather. Hail shall rain down on street parties and son on and so forth in a faintly apocalyptic fashion. Don’t worry though, this is entirely coincidental and not remotely a terrifying consequence of climate change. The weather’s just decided it doesn’t care about our feelings any more, that’s all.


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