Super-rich Hit By Pregnant Women

If a pregnant woman slaps you about the face you’ll just roll with the situation. Should she pin you to the ground and start searching through your pockets to see if you’re packing the sweet treats she craves you’re most likely going to let her. Once there just so happens to be a baby on board a lady’s mind tends to disintegrate ever so slightly into something of a wibbly mess and this can manifest itself in feral behaviours.

So it’s only natural that we as a society allow expectant mothers to get away with all sorts of things the rest of us wouldn’t dream of even attempting. I for one plan to exploit the pregnancy license for all it’s worth. Because fun. But for the moment it’s time and past that the fecund females to put their temporary increased liberty to use for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

I don’t think I’m making grandiose claims (I’ll save those for when we’re really in trouble). All I’m proposing is that should you find yourself unexpectedly or otherwise with child, once you’ve completed crafting the ingenious social media post to proclaim this brand new status to the rest of the world of course, go out and hit as many really rich people as you can find.

Now I’m not so naive as to believe that thanks to these sorts of actions that change will happen overnight. With systems and opinions this entrenched it’s difficult to foresee a future where things are the slightest bit different. However, you get hit in the face by enough people carrying the next generation you might start having a bit of a think about your ways. Sure, some of the incredibly wealthy will only clamp down and become even more greedy but some might think and pause in their legal action against their attackers to consider a slightly better world.


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