Stick it to Big Brother

He’s always watching. Well, not necessarily a he. I’m not completely certain that there’s an individual out there sufficiently voyeuristic to clap eyes to screen day in day out for the rest of their natural born life. And please, do not take it into your head to attempt to prove me wrong. No one in their right or otherwise minds wants to witness the footage of you slavishly hovering over images of other folk who just so happen to have been caught on camera.

But whatever, I’m sure you know deep down in that wrinkled raisin pumping blood about your chest that you call a heart that someone out there is watching. With all those tantalising cameras, monitoring devices and whatnot how could anyone possibly resist focusing each and every one on you and your fascinating exploits? A crack team of experienced watchers have been following your every move for years now, it’s been the basis for a surprisingly popular reality show.

So you definitely can’t get away from the fact that there are quite certainly people out there delving into your business. They’re probing into your personal finances, your intimate details and prying into whatever secrets you’ve desperately been trying to hold dear. It’s impossible to stop them or even to try and fight it. How would you go about that? By dropping off the grid? Sure you are.

Rather than railing against the system or anything that dramatic there are other options you can attempt. Give them one hell of a show. And I really do mean that. Pull out all the stops and treat them to a hair raising thrill ride of sheer experience. Toy with their emotions and expectations to the point where they’ll start doubting their entire world view and perhaps begin to regret watching you quite so closely. Stick it to ’em.


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