PM Backs Rights of A&E Trolley

This is one hundred per cent not a distraction technique, I’m not even sure why that particular thought would occur to you. I mean sure, David’s under a certain level of scrutiny at the moment but he wouldn’t throw himself headfirst into engagement with a cause in order to draw focus from the monetary naughtiness he’s so recently been forced to admit to. If you simply take a moment to look at him, voice a quiver, lump in his throat and liquid that may even be tears in his eyes, you can see how deeply he truly cares about the matter at hand.

Because what you were built for shouldn’t necessarily dictate the rest of your life. If you really want to you can waste every last ounce of natural potential for a certain vocation and power on through in a completely different direction. Forget the hours of effort and the sheer ingenuity that went into your creation and ignore the path laid out for you.

Essentially, what we have at the moment is a trolley with a dream. Its workaday existence as a shelf for the poorly with their unfortunate ailments and bleeding stumps just doesn’t cut the mustard. It could have been so much more than that. In a supermarket it might have seen all walks of life as they went about their weekly shop. From happy families to stoned students it would have been instrumental to feeding the hungry. Or as an airport luggage trolley it might have been able to experience the joy of prospective travels.

So it’s going to fulfil its dreams and desires by fleeing all the way to Hollywood to cart equipment from set to set. And our Prime Minister is backing it all the way to tinsel town, don’t you see if he doesn’t. You’ve definitely forgotten all about the Panama papers at this point.


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