How GPs are Secretly Sold to Terrorists on Facebook

There actually isn’t anything resembling a shortage of general practitioners. It’s every small child’s dream to end up dealing with snuffles and mysterious rashes on an incredibly regular basis. The short office hours and surplus of glamour that come hand in hand with the job are very much an added bonus. None of the student doctors coming through nowadays are interested in any of the so called sexy specialisms like surgery, they’re so very cliche.

However, it would seem that between reaching for their star studded dreams and making it into the office some disappearances are occurring. With all the funds leaking out of the national health service (because it would be entirely ridiculous for the government to increase its budget due to our natural resistance to germs and the whole stiff upper lip thing meaning that we ought to just grin and bear it or whatever) someone somewhere had to do something to raise a bit of cash.

I’m not sure quite who had the first brainwave but the rest of the committee signed up to the plans really rather quickly. They were going to sell the doctors. Those bright eyed bushy tailed junior medics could do a certain someone the power of good. What about third world nations who might be in need of better nutritional advice and access to vaccinations?

Well, given that such types so often lack the money to purchase such services they were not the winners of that particular tender. The terrorists on the other hand, rather often they’ll have bullet holes or assorted gaping wounds that need tending to. They might want to understand a bit more about human anatomy and physiology for… recreational reasons. It definitely has absolutely nothing to do with a desire to know how to inflict a greater level of pain. And thus were the GPs sold to the highest bidder.


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