Wills and Kate to Target 27m Homes With Pro EU POst

Obviously the Queen didn’t want to come down on one side or the other of this whole should we stay or should we go nonsense. It’s pretty much the first line of her job search to not have any opinions about anything remotely controversial. Or something about shiny hats and nepotism, I really do forget. However, the royal offspring aren’t quite so constrained. They can mouth off about whatever they want and the papers will be only too pleased to report it.

Wills and Kate puts their very glossy heads together over the whole referendum issue. For them, this is more a question of what they would like their inheritance to be. In another fifty or sixty years, his father and grandmother might well have eventually kicked the bucket and William will be allowed to rise to that coveted seat. So what sort of country does he feel like being in charge of when that glorious day finally arrives?

If we rise to the aspiration of being the loner our moat allows for will William still have the cache and swagger of other lines of royalty or might the move plunge the nation into obscurity on the world stage? For whatever reason, the Cambridges (or the Windsors or whatever their surname, I’m drowning in protocol over here) have decided to throw in their lot with David Cameron and are coming out with a hearty no.

Kate decided to crack out her crafting skills and is making twenty seven million personalised cards to send to households around the land. Somehow, Wills has managed to wangle a surprisingly good deal when it comes to the postage. There will be a heartfelt plea, a few tasteful comments and possibly even a word or two of wisdom. The lucky and select few may even receive a few baby photos to auction off to the highest media bidder. That ought to buy their vote if nothing else does.


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