Fifa Chief Elected to Clean Up Game Gives Birth to Triplets

Now have a bit of a think about which of the following would be more impressive: that a man in a high powered job has somehow developed the ability to spawn life or that a woman managed to maintain that much of an interest in football. Ladies have been having babies for generations, they’re incredibly well known for it. It’s essentially their thing. What is rather less heard of is of folk of the female persuasion being remotely captivated by the so-called beautiful game.

Imagine a man. He’s worked all his life for the Football Association. A good lad from an industrious family, he was generally appalled by the scandal and shame brought upon the entire organisation by a former fabulously corrupt head. When the time came to clean house, this particular man was placed in charge because he was the one who could be trusted to set absolutely everything to rights. And boy did he give it his very all.

However, the long hours started getting to him. Exhaustion descended upon him and gave no quarter. His diet went to pieces as he started experiencing cravings and bloated like nobody’s business. Obviously the very notion that he was with child would have been the last thing that occurred to him. One day though, as a prank, he used one of his wife’s pregnancy tests to prove that the hypothesis was false. All too soon afterwards he birthed the three tiny miraculous beings and made sporting history.

Or, a little girl used football as the only way open to her to bond with her father. He’d craved a son and been disappointed by the ways of Mendelian genetics. As such, she fell upon every scrap of football related trivia in order to impress him. Not being a natural athlete, the way forward was through admin. She made her way into the upper echelons of the association only to have it all fall apart when her lady bits spectacularly let her down.


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