Betrayal of Holiday Deals

It’s a cynical and mistrusting world alright. When confronted with a deal that definitely seems too good to be true it’s no longer band conduct to slap the salesman proffering it to you about the face until he gives up what the catch is. The flight may well cost you only 50p up front but you’ll have to rent the seats, entertainment and heady mix of breathable gases. The odds are also highly in favour of you needing to make it worth your pilot’s while to land.

We all know how it works in this economy. If you want to maximise your profits you need to be aware that you’ll have to rip some people off. Sacrificing comfort for quantity or whatever simply makes good business sense, I’m sure you’ll agree. You only need punters to fall for a particular scam the once, if they’ve stumped up then you’re in the clear. They’ll be far too embarrassed to tell anyone else out there in internet land.

So perhaps naming this particular brand of behaviour as a straight up betrayal is a bridge too far. Unless you’re a trusting moron, innocent of all the injustices this world has to offer, you almost definitely knew what you were signing up for from the first point of contact with those smooth talking charlatans.

But maybe you were thinking of the formerly entirely reputable travel agents reduced by circumstances into the beleaguered maniacs you see today. The internet encroached further and further on their turf to the point where they were the next thing to obsolete. It meant that they had to get more and more creative when it came to marketing their services. Deals were made that were at best questionable and quite definitely impossible to get out of. Paying customers may or may not have been left stranded in pits, it’s very difficult to tell definitively.


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