Royal Navy Abandons Migrant Mothers

There really are some people getting far too het up about this whole Brexit thing. And yes, I just rolled my eyes at my own use of the word Brexit. The gloves are quite definitely off and arguments are flying here and there trying to convince people to assume an entirely different point of view. Surprisingly enough, certain types are managing to have a certain amount of sway. You may or may not find this interesting but certain European theories have gained a whole lot of traction within the armed forces.

And you know how competitive those guys and girls can get. I’m fairly sure some of them abandoned the old ideologies relatively early on in order to get as competitive with one another as possible. It all began with the creative word slinging perpetrated by the army. Then the air force waded in with an imaginative yet rather insulting poster campaign.

These things really do pick up a certain momentum once they get going. One thing kept leading to another and before anyone knew it certain lines had been crossed and there really wasn’t any going back. The main perpetrators weren’t even entirely sure how it happened. Kidnap is really such a strong word, things seem to have been blown completely out of proportion and we should all just calm down before someone tries to get the lawyers involved.

Rounding up a group of mothers from foreign climes was honestly considered something of a brainwave at the time. I think there may well have been alcohol involved as the more advanced details of the plan became incredibly hazy and I’m fairly certain that the endgame evaporated once the tequila was cracked open. Which is precisely how a lonely and abandoned group of very confused procreators were found wandered about on the edge of a war zone.


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