Teachers Won’t Lead Pakistan Terror Hunt

Well, obviously. When you think brave leaders urging their people onwards in some variety of crusade you’re probably not all that likely to make teachers your first port of call in your thoughts. Or perhaps your early educators were strapping heroes who imbued you with the sense that you could accomplish absolutely anything you felt inclined to set your mind to. There will always be a certain level of variety across any profession and teaching is almost definitely not an exception.

So to learn that teachers will not be the ones leading the Pakistan terror hunt ought not to be all that much of a surprise. Or should it? Was it the case that they really rather desperately wanted to? Did someone at the top of the organisational ladder believe that the task should fall to the educational staff? There’s almost definitely no way to get to the root of this surprisingly thorny matter but I might as well have a crack at it anyway.

In practically any endeavour in life you’ll find yourself at one point or another in need of a guiding hand. Even if you crash in with guns ablaze you can become hopelessly ensnared by your own incompetence and wishing you’d paid just a touch more attention to the friendly and well-meaning advice you were given along the way. Given this, it’s not all that much of a wonder that the architects of the initial plan wanted to get some outside help.

They figured that the very best people to get involved with the scheme to frighten the bad people away from Pakistan (or possibly some other way round, there’s ambiguity afoot here) was to get the teachers involved. The teachers, however, disagreed with this notion wholeheartedly and saw theirs as a strictly more supervisory role rather than getting their hands actually dirty.

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