Storm Chaos to Hit Bouncy Castles

We have angered the sky gods. They have given us everything, a temperate climate (we could have had boiling lead pouring from the skies every other day or other even more creative horrors but no. The rain and hail and occasional gale force winds ought to remind us of how good we have it most of the time. When we’re well behaved and respectful we’ll be blessed with candy floss clouds and precipitation made from alcoholic treats) and yet we are ungrateful.

We believe that we mere humans are sufficiently worthy to grace the skies. For this purpose we constructed our metal birds and flew ever closer to the face of the sun. But what really got their goat was the bouncy castles. To make such aeronautical feats some childish pastime for our young is going far too far and they demand appeasement. Every last turret and plastic drawbridge must be deflated and dismantled with immediate effect.

And if we chose not to comply? Oh, you really don’t want to go down that particular road. Surely it would be so much better to put away these relics of our own presumption rather than risk further ire? You disagree? Well, isn’t it wonderful to know that we’ve discovered the chosen one whose actions will battle the gods into submission? However, the rest of us are rather vulnerable to the whims of the meteorological deities.

They will pelt us with incredibly strong bouts of wind (there is absolutely nothing funny about that sentence and it’s rather childish of you to have that interpretation) in order to scatter the bouncy castles to the four corners of the earth. Then shall come the great rains, the thunder and indeed lightning. Some among the huddled populace might even say that it could potentially be described as very very frightening.


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