Brexit Will Raise Aid to Terrorist

Sure, why not? It’s very much in the same vein as plenty of the promotion material shoved through my front door. It’s time and past that the other side had something more of a say. They’ve got to stop mucking around with reasonable statements and furious applications of logic. If they don’t start bringing out the big guns the fight will be lost before they even realised that they were in it.

In these sorts of situations it’s worth remembering that the truth is not only relative but also incredibly flexible and only applies when it strengthens your arguments. Otherwise it really ought to keep its nose well and truly out of it. We’re all perfectly aware, thank you very much, that there’s no way to definitively state what would happen one way or the other regarding the whole should we stay or should we go situation. That’s why it’s only a matter of time before each side of the argument begins to resort to cheaper and more obvious tricks.

And since the opposition were so very quick off the mark in that regard it’s time to whip out something controversial and attention grabbing so that people will know I’m totally and utterly serious about whatever it is I’m going on about today. I can cast about for some sort of inspiration and wonder what I could come out with that would be the most readily reprehensible.

If we choose to leave the EU then terrorists will suddenly find themselves with a bit more funding. Until the first event actually happens there’s no way to prove the veracity of my statement one way or the other and to what order of magnitude. Are they suddenly swimming in great pools of well meant money or will they have just a few more pennies to rub together? Just make your decision and don’t be too influenced by outside pressures. Apart from me.


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