NHS Signs Up to Dine in Jail

This is not a sad story. It isn’t remotely unfortunate or anything in the legion of a tale of woe. I’m not entirely sure if you knew this (despite the railings of various politicians) the food in prison is really surprisingly excellent to the point that various government officials are starting to wonder whether or not this is a case of outrageously misplaced luxury. In fact, debates are already being held regarding the reallocation of these funds so expect changes from 2028 or so.

In the meantime, the NHS was cottoned onto the gourmet stylings of the penal system. And boy do they want in. It may well have been something that originally stemmed from the whole last meal thing (you know, in spite of the fact that’s not really something we do over here). Or perhaps a kindly soul somewhere thought that a few prisoners deserved a treat and got rapidly carried away when they spied excellent deals on dressed lobster when you order in bulk.

Just as it is on airplanes, the food in hospitals is notorious for being terrible. Maybe people are trying to use it as an incentive for getting people discharged as rapidly as possible. Whatever it is, healthcare practitioners and professionals of all kinds are thoroughly sick and tired of this totally deserved reputation. Which is the main reason why they opted to go down this slightly strange path.

Once a week, no more often no matter how much they might like to, a group of staff from the NHS go along to the local prison. It’s an extended lunch break where they get to put their worries aside for just a little while, forget about those urgent patients and other drains on their time and energy. There they get to dine like the kings of old. And it is most wonderful feasting.


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