Freed to Help our Security

Oh my do we need to find a new way to try and get things sorted out. We’re afraid for our very lives as the chances of being murdered in our beds or out on the street late at night mounts exponentially. There are men and women of a variety of naughty persuasions running amok around our nation and next to nobody is actually doing a single thing about it. Which I for one think is something of a shame.

So someone somewhere (I don’t know who, genius that they are they seem to value privacy and discretion over other facts which is almost definitely a manifestation of some degree of madness) had a brainwave when they returned to the absolutely not completely terrible plan of setting criminals loose. With a flash of brilliance illuminating the situation the cobwebs fell away and it was suddenly obvious how to iron out the creases of problems that had presented themselves previously.

An unrepentant ne’er-do-well is a danger to general and polite society. The whole idea of the penitentiary system is that we stick these people behind bars until they learn to behave or something of that effect. However, if a wrongdoer isn’t prepared to admit the wrongs they’ve done there are other ways to integrate them back into non prison dwelling life.

What you need are rather more pressing incentives for good behaviour than just the threat of removal of liberty. It’s been found before that material rewards have worked surprisingly well. As has the chance to prove oneself when granted certain responsibilities. Especially when said activities involve just a little bit of violence. What I’m saying we need to do is to employ offenders as security guards for the country. Sorry, independent safety contractors tasked with project managing the haven initiative masterminded by a caring government.


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