New Boost for Explosive Exit

People in Britain are bored. As far as they’re concerned, we have well and truly stagnated. Look at America and the choices they’re about to be faced with. To hell with the consequences and such, it’s all a good deal more interesting than the plethora of privileged white men we get to decide between for the top office. We’ll conveniently forget for the moment that Trump, however much he might appear otherwise, has had a wonderfully expensive education leading him to have ‘all of the words’.

A shake up in that particular electoral process is quite clearly not going to be happening any time soon. So anarchists and would be rebels of all flavours have to look to different arenas in order to get their kicks and wreak their changes on an unsuspecting world. The so-called Brexit campaign (so pervasive in modern society that the word is thought of as a misspelling. My name however? Definitely a typo) certainly seems to have been picking up momentum.

This is the prevailing reason behind why they’ve decided to hijack the EU referendum vote. The mysterious and thoroughly anonymous ‘they’ have already concluded that the vote is almost definitely going to be and therefore will be out. As such, they’re already projecting towards the future where the UK will be all on its own in the world and are planning the style and panache regarding how it will happen.

The moat simply won’t be enough anymore. While half of the Channel is indisputably the property of Britain, the French own the other half. We can’t let our beautifully Anglian water mix any Gallic nonsense. So they’re going to pack the channel tunnel with C4 and allow the explosion to sweep us at least halfway across the Atlantic towards the might of the USA in an effort to see if we can hook up with their continent because we’re bored of the one we were geographically assigned to.


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