Outrage Over the Pill

If something, anything at all, happens and there aren’t people who are thoroughly outraged by the transpired events then that’s clear evidence that the world simply isn’t paying attention. Come up with any public effort for the betterment of mankind or similar scheme and there will always be folk out there happy to roll up and pick holes in whatever you’ve come up with. From vaccines to fluoridisation to free healthcare or education (had to break the theme at some point), plenty of people are ready and poised to demonise even the most benevolent of efforts.

The amazing thing is how inventive these types can end up being. Two crackpots will attack the same issue from completely different vantage points. One will break whatever it is down to its constituent parts and bang on about poison or whatever. Another will extrapolate and manipulate in order to shed light on the horrific consequences that will absolutely happen should this project be unleashed on an unsuspecting populace.

This will even happen with some of the longer running and established works this society has to offer. Simmering tensions have recently come to something of a boil as we discover that people have a lot of feelings about the pill. Sorry, that’s the Pill so you don’t start confusing it with innocuous painkillers or something or other that may or may not have appeared in the Matrix.

Pick your reason for why people are displeased with regards to women being in charge of their reproductive future. Perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to strive for careers or scientific developments when they could experience the joy of being simply wives and mothers. Or the mere fact that not bleeding from their secret places every month like mildly gross clockwork is entirely unnatural. Certain deities might have been dragged into the argument as well.


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