Brexit Campaign Has Multiple Climate Records

No, of course this won’t turn into some laboured pun about the whole situation being nothing much more than a lot of hot air. Just think about how clever I’d seem if I worked my way up to that particular punchline. But actually, this is a serious point about the state of that campaign so I’d appreciate it if you could treat it with the esteem and decorum the situation deserves. Which is definitely somewhere between none whatsoever and some if you happen to be paying attention at the time.


This campaign was always going to be something of a record breaker, I think we were all aware of this from the outset. It’s the most recent in living memory, has already managed to spawn its own portmanteau and taught us all to fear outsiders once again. You really can’t help but feel that you’re on the very precipice of history as it unfolds. Or this is the direct path to all those dystopian futures that have garnered so much attention in the cinematic world recently.

But the records in question have to do with the climate. Most environmentally destructive rally as some people of a certain view when it comes to migrants and that (I’m pretty sure you know what I’m getting at there) decided to start setting fire to piles of cheese and foreign sausage in some sort of statement about cuisine.

Then there was the valiant yet deeply misguided effort to chase invading species from our shores. I’m sure that they had the very best of intentions (they didn’t but we should try not to judge) but going after rare and exotic butterflies with pickaxes probably wasn’t quite the smartest idea they could have come up with. They could at least have waited until after the vote to see if the rest of the country was in line with their crackpot views.


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