Crushing Verdict on Hypocrite Obama

It’s much easier to judge people who are rather prominent within the public eye. It simply isn’t half as satisfying to formulate half-baked opinions when the people in question aren’t even remotely famous. When it comes to those at the forefront of public consciousness your job is made that much more simple because like as not the media will tell you exactly what to think about them and the horse they rode in on.

Take Obama. Obviously don’t actually take him anywhere, he may be coming to the end of his run but he’s still got some very serious presidenting to do. Which is the precise problem some people are managing to have with him. He said quite firmly that he absolutely wasn’t going to do a thing yet went on to do it because of some plot. Or perhaps he promised to do his very best to support the interests of a particular segment of society and then was unable to do so.

As the general public, we naturally understand every last one of the ins and outs of the higher echelons of statesmanship. I could write you a lengthy essay detailing precisely what I would do in such a situation and why everyone else would be wise to follow my genuinely wonderful example. Obviously we’re entirely justified in pouring scorn in the actions of a thoroughly hardworking man who’s trying his best in an untenable position.

How dare he do/say those awful things and then go on to not do/dance around the subject entirely in that disagreeable way he does? The people are very much not impressed and this is quite definitely the real reason he’s leaving office. Think about it, the very first non-white chap to hold this position, he’d hardly be letting go of the power if they weren’t forcing him out. Especially with certain almost unstoppable abhorrences on the way.


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