The Betrayal of Sexting Epidemic

How anyone could bring themselves to violate the inherent covenant involved in such an activity is almost entirely beyond me. You start describing positions and plumbing various depths of depravity in the secure knowledge that the person at the other end of the phone line would never do something so low as to publish the results. Or whatever. Perhaps the overwhelming risk is part of the fun. I wouldn’t know, it’s been a while since anything that racy was happening adjacent to me.

The mobile communications revolution happened not so very long ago and try as we might it’s probably not going anywhere any time soon. As with most developments in technology, the greatest minds in the world soon took to figuring out how it could be used for rather more shall I say adult purposes? Of course this isn’t anything in the arena of news for the likes of you.

So it’s hardly going to take anyone by surprise that sexting has taken the world by storm. It’s become something of an epidemic if you will. People who aren’t even remotely attracted to one another are doing it (it does rather help that they can’t actually see one another of course. They tend to go for word heavy play rather than going to pictures). Children are sadly getting in on the action, age of consent laws be damned.

The betrayal came into play when someone somewhere realised that they hadn’t had quite enough attention online. So what I said in my opener actually happened. They started posting messages online and it was far more entertaining and alluring than anything in Fifty Shades (I haven’t read it of course, just plenty of reviews. I swear). Some people got quite upset, others got even more inventive so that they could get to the front page, decency in general be damned.


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