New Mums Sent Exit Plan

You know what it’s like when the sudden crushing weight of adulthood and responsibility threatens to overwhelm you entirely. When you have to start thinking about the future and budgeting and other people for the first time in your life. It’s all too much and it is so very tempting to run away from it all and set yourself up as a wild man or woman of the woods. It’s definitely not just me, we’ve all been there and if you haven’t then that quarter- or midlife crisis is clearly right around the corner.

New mothers are no exception. Sure, they’ll almost probably have felt the rush of hormone induced squishy feelings towards their brand new womb expulsions (yes, babies are adorable, we know this) but that in no way will lessen their entirely natural terror and unease at the thought of being suddenly accountable for a tiny little life. I am definitely not simply projecting my own barely contained worries on this situation.

More and more newly minted matriarchs were becoming severely freaked out by their changes of circumstance. Not even the nine months of preparation they’d just had was enough to get them ready. It led to inglorious anarchy and various charitable folks realised that they had to do what they could in order to try and sort out the situation. Given the rampant nature of our genital interactions it would be quite hard to vet mothers before pregnancy and it’s not exactly helpful to label them unfit once the beautiful process of conception has occurred.

This is why the handy dandy follow up to the birth plan was rolled out. Mothers could fill out their exit plan and stare at it when times became rocky and unbearable. Odds are highly in favour of them not following through or anything, it’s simply good to have an idea in place should you ever need to bolt.


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