Scrap Worst Ever Wills and Kate

Well this is the very best news ever. My continuing crusade against the royals has managed something of a coup this week. They went skiing. Skiing. I mean really, couldn’t they have picked an activity that screamed privilege just a little bit less? And how dare they have looked so happy and perfect in the snow. I bet they didn’t even have to use Instagram filters or anything. They didn’t have to rub it in our collective faces that we’re not even a little bit royal but they could at least have had terrible helmet hair or lipstick on their teeth.

For those of you who pay a bit less attention to the front pages than I do you ought to know that Wills and Kate and the tiny royal progeny went off for a family holiday. Obviously to do so they shirked all manner of important responsibilities. Vital ribbon cuttings were put on hold and teeming crowds stood in disappointed silence as the chosen ones failed to make their public appearances.

The honeymoon period with the golden couple is well and truly over. The rest of the country has at long last had more than enough of their nonsense and are very definitely done with subsidising their jet setting lifestyles. I would be practically skipping about with joy were I a more vindictive sort, however, the rest of the monarchy have maintained their glowing reputation in the public eye. After this latest scandal people are even beginning to look forward to how Charles will get on when he ascends to the throne.

So what’s the answer? Should the Windsors or Cambridges or however we’re supposed to refer to them be beholden to our every whim and expectation? Should they be allowed to try and enjoy their lives and try and give their children happy experiences while they’re young? It’s the ultimate conundrum that I really can’t be arsed to answer.


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