Tax Boost for a Reason to Live

People get entirely too far wound up regarding their tax situation. That’s not a moral junction or anything of that nature, it’s more that people are making them physically ill over these circumstances. Folk have only to glance at their wage slip and their blood pressure will spike to new heights, their eyes will roll out the back of their head and they’ll soon collapse into a quivering heap on the floor that someone else will have to go and clear up.

That may be something of an over exaggeration but people really are alarmingly proprietary with what they like to think of as ‘their’ money. People work hard day in day out and at the end of the month the payslip they’ve sweated over comes through and they discover that the government have frittered away their hard earned money on frivolous things like schools and healthcare and road maintenance. How deeply and horrifically scandalous.

So as something of a sop to all the haters, the government have rolled at the latest in their most recent raft of incentive schemes. All you have to do is to get your GP to refer you to a specialist consultant who’ll stick various wires and electrodes to your cranium in the hope that you’ll be able to scientifically prove quite how down you are about the level of tax you’re paying. Once you’ve been signed off by the medical men you can apply through a special government approved solicitor to apply for your tax credit bonus.

It’s a win-win scenario for all involved. The government gets to learn a lot more about its citizens (those brain scans were far more revealing than you might have realised) and you’ll be allowed to pay a little bit less in tax so those dirty migrants won’t get their mitts on your cash. Simply apply every six weeks for your 2% reduction rate.


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