NHS to Harvest UK Bosses’ Pay

When even the recruiters are prepared to admit that certain salaries have reached ridiculous heights you know there’s something seriously wrong with the set up. Sure, it all started out as a perfectly innocent exercise in capitalism but in order to tempt the whizzy executives companies had to start shelling out more and more just to get their attention. I’m sure it’s all been very much justified by their respective bottom lines but something really has got to give.

At last, certain bigwigs have finally cottoned on to my train of thinking and realised the potential goldmine ready to be utilised for a whole raft of goodly public works. A sneaky cap can be rammed atop high flying executive salaries. Nothing too prohibitive, especially if they can prove just how worthy they are of receiving such sums based on the amount of work they’re doing for it. It can be directly tied to correlate with however much the lowest earner at the same company gets.

The bloated corporate excess can then be funnelled into whichever government department needs it most. Pallets of textbooks on back order can finally arrive at the schools where previously it had been five students clustered round each available copy. Busloads of customs official can be employed to deal with the migrant backlog and solve the issue in a reasonable and generous fashion.

Most importantly, the doctors can be properly compensated for the difficult and stressful job they do. More will be attracted to the profession as it will once again become something remotely lucrative rather than a charity mission for the rest of your working life. Obviously none of this will ever actually happen, it’s only my leftist socialist daydream but every now and then a girl can dream that the bloated fat cats will be asked to pay back what they owe to society and said funds will be allocated to those who need and deserve it so. Can’t she?


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