Big Spending MPs Hit New High

Forget about footballers. Celebrities in general have next to nothing on this lot. Even that Wall Street lot (or whatever the British equivalent is, I don’t exactly pay all that much attention to the world of high finance and they don’t get quite the same level of press) haven’t reached that particular depth of depravity. From watching the parliamentary channel (you know, for a bet or torture or when you’re far too intoxicated to be able to reach the zapper) you can tell that the whole lot of them have to be absolutely off their tits in order to cope with the sheer monotony.

What you and I don’t really know as Jack and Mabel Ordinary is that when people are being vetted with regards to running for office they suddenly get access to a whole raft of incentives. Mostly of a distinctly powdered variety if you get my highly obvious drift.

Once they’ve been hooked in by the pretty flashing lights and the unbridled highs of illicit drugs. These types leap above and beyond the law to the point that they feel completely outside of it. Unfortunately, at some point the magnificent gravy train has to cease running. But that’s no problem whatsoever, the politicians can start dipping into their very deep pockets thanks to family money or that very generous salary they keep mysteriously upping.

MPs sadly are becoming more tolerant to the dizzying highs of these substances. It was only to be expected what with the mounting mounds of substances they were sniffing. Not to mention the others who were starting to muck around with injecting and all that nonsense. Now that the drugs have stopped working they may have to look to new sources to get their highs. One or two may even throw themselves into their work if we’re very lucky indeed.


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