War Erupts Over Internet Dating

It really was bound to happen sooner or later. We’ve stopped caring en masse about such petty things as religion or the world economy. It all boils down to who’s boning whom and jazz of that nature and variety. We’re not interested if it has nothing to do with the business of other people in their pants. You know as well as I do that your ears prick up and your mouth almost waters at the prospect of salacious gossip, don’t you even try and deny it.

Internet dating is an especially dingy back alley when it comes to this sort of thing. Public consciousness is crammed with horror stories of terrible dates and awful people using it to take advantage to disturbing and depressing lengths. Every now and then a basically normal couple (ahem) will emerge from the wasteland and proclaim this meeting method a moderate success. But because of the general perception most will regard it with suspicion.

And then there’s the whole hook up flavour to online interaction. People have always acted in these ways, the internet is merely providing them with an easy and convenient forum for doing so. Smash cut to the very existence of Ashley Madison, its hacking scandal and subsequent blackmail row and you could forgive people for being just a little bit sceptical. But you will never forget.

The war was brewing for quite some time, tensions rose with every single story of internet depravity or website related disappointing romantic interactions. Those who believed that we ought to return to the good old days of young people copping off at discos and being set up by their parents grew increasingly vehement. Their opposition were surprisingly bloodthirsty given their progressive persuasions. Eventually the situation will explode in a frenzy of fighting and there won’t be enough parts of couples any more for people to even think about getting together with someone else.


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