Migrants Try to Send E-cigarette Price Soaring

Well now they’ve gone too far. It was completely and utterly reasonable when the undeserving made their way over here in order to steal our benefits and make off with our more desirable women. That was simply normal human nature that everyone has it in them to understand. However, that behaviour morphed into something insidious that can no longer be stood for. Absolutely no one is being melodramatic and there are many reasons why all those involved should be furious.

Vaping is a modern miracle. The electronic version of those tar ridden cancer sticks is quite truly the most recent wonder this world has ever seen. We certainly won’t see any worrying consequences down the line that weren’t caught by the extensive testing there simply wasn’t any time to do. The chance to puff away on prettily flavoured smoke or whatever is in every shop (fine, not every shop but there’s any number of specialist stores and as someone who doesn’t partake it’s enough to irritate me) and very rightly so.

Up until now said right was relatively inexpensive. Obviously the innocent companies in question have to earn sufficient funds in order to feed their hungry families and buy shoes for their needy barefoot children. Rampant profiteering hasn’t entered into it and quite definitely never will. However, because of those pesky immigrants the prices in question will rise and continue to do so.

What precisely do those two factors have to do with one another? Well, I’m hardly going to run you through the intricacies of various figures and spreadsheets and bottom lines, such facts will mess with your pretty little head and stop you from being able to function. It’s got something or other to do with supply and demand and those awful people who weren’t born here messing it all up for we decent British folk. It’s so very sad indeed.


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