Heroes of Triple Tax Raid

It was a daring midnight heist the likes of which Robin Hood would have been thoroughly proud. There were elaborate disguises and plans that had taken lengthy months and countless caffeine fuelled nights to put together. However, all that effort absolutely paid off when those carefully laid plots came to glorious fruition. But perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You know, just in case there’s anyone out there who doesn’t automatically know exactly that to which I am referring.

It really was like something out of a fable, fairy-tale or assorted folk legend of choice. Like any of these classics it started out with a worthy protagonist with a worthy cause. Our young rebel wanted nothing more than internet fame. In a totally wholesome way, not that they were some sort of pathetic attention seeking twerp. It was essentially a crusade, you should all be very impressed.

So our noble chap, who we’re not going to name for reasons that totally aren’t in any way related to anyone’s fear of impending litigation, wanted people to notice that he was alive. I’m sure you can sympathise. If not, then you’re probably something of a sociopathic monster and I’m not entirely certain that I’m comfortable with you reading this. Then again, I’m sure I’ll live. He decided that the way forward was to champion some variety of cause in order to defend some poor and vulnerable souls.

With this in mind, he rallied his band of passionate supermen and spearheaded the battle that Robin of Loxley would have were he around for this century and not mouldering under the ground somewhere near Nottingham. Into the belly of HMRC they went, grabbing fistfuls of ill-gotten gains as they went. This was then distributed to beleaguered and deserving souls who would no doubt go on to document this largesse on all manner of social media.


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