Brexit Would Spark Decade of Snoopers’ Charter 2

If the film industry has taught us anything it’s that absolutely everyone and their best friend enjoys a sequel. They’re always artistically justified and never encounter any problems with their plotting. Take Zoolander 2, a film I don’t plan to see. At the end of the last instalment there were just so very many questions left unanswered, threads that just dangled to a tantalising point that meant an entire full length film was completely necessary for the wellbeing of all involved.

The Brexit is simply the starting point of the greatest reality film series in history. The whole situation definitely wasn’t kicked off with the conception of a catchy portmanteau. There was serious politics afoot at the time don’t you know? The snoopers’ charter was also involved, allowing the government to take a peek at all those Facebook statuses you thought they couldn’t access and the very important emails about the minutiae of the inner working of your life.

Once we’ve broken with the rest of Europe those among the government who didn’t want us to go will suddenly become uneasy. Even if the right wing nutters manage to oust Cameron (I’m as surprised as anyone else to admit that he’s probably the best of an increasingly bad bunch. Once President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson are installed, the earth is very definitely doomed) there will be others who saw the light and thought it was best we remain in with the rest of the continent.

The trust will be completely gone. The only way they’ll have to predict how we might vote (because we’ve already proven that polls in the run up to important democratic moments are utterly worthless) will be to keep a tab on what we’re saying online. Hence the snoopers’ charter and the second step on the road that will take us into the 1984 reality we truly deserve.


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