How Blair Cynically Prepares New Cuts

You know how it is when you really miss the job you used to have. Some become almost entirely unable to let the past go. They hang around haunting their previous digs and micromanage whoever they got in to replace them. Whatever they’ve moved onto simply isn’t enough to hold them and they simply can’t resist the lure of going back. Just to check how things are going mind, not to interfere or anything like that.

This just so happens to be precisely what occurred in the case of Blair. Oh, he went off galavanting around Europe and dabbled with bringing lasting peace to the Middle East. Now I think of it, I really can’t quite remember how all of that resolved. I’m sure it will have been in the papers somewhere at some point. He made enough money to feed a small nation by going on the after dinner circuit but even that really wasn’t sufficient to hold him.

So he went crawling back to the folk in charge (which by that point happened to be the Tories with the Lib Dems acting as puppet like not quite front men). He wanted his old position and prestige back (he did realise the impossibilities regarding this but had to try nonetheless) and asked very nicely indeed. And, taking pity on him, a compromise did eventually manage to be reached.

It changed him. He had to give up what was in retrospect way too much. Even if it felt basically worth it at the time. The country was slowly flushing itself down the toilet and the only way (or so he was told) it could possibly be fixed was to make massive cuts. And Tony was the obvious person to be made to do it because he was so desperate to be involved. The boys in charge were very grateful indeed for that particular Faustian pact.


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