Police Failings Head for Britain

Everyone (and by everyone I’m pretty sure you’ll find that these people tend to pretty much consist of the incredibly petty and those who never learned to share. Not that I’d ever try to cast aspersions on people simply because they disagree with my viewpoint. I’m totally above all that nonsense) is really worried about all those immigrants hopping the various fences we’ve set up around our glorious island nation and swarming in en masse.

However, the point has been made plenty of times before that migration and all that nonsense really doesn’t pose all that much of a problem. What people really ought to be worried about but almost definitely haven’t realised as of yet is that there is something worrying spreading throughout the police departments of other nations. Something horrifying and paralysing and really rather frightening. I am definitely not stalling at this point because I have no idea what to pretend the problem is.

It could have all started in America. I don’t exactly pay attention to the news or anything but I’m nearly ninety per cent or so certain that there might have been something sort of headline grabbing on a topic vaguely related to race. I’m not sure, firearms of some description may have entered the fray. Then again, guns get drawn into pretty much anything stateside. Not that I’m resorting to cheap stereotypes or anything like that.

But the problems might not have originated there. I’m sure there are plenty of other assumptions made about law enforcers from other nations. Have a long hard think about your favourite and then pretend I said something witty and relevant about it. Then consider for at least twice as long just how droll I am. Ah, excellent. Anyway, the police are being afflicted by a flesh eating virus that’s somehow become sentient and going after those charged with keeping the peace. Be afraid.


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