Cameron Lets Rip at Facebook Obsession

Well this has come as something of a surprise and no mistake. David Cameron is after all hardly renowned for being in touch with the common people. You would think such a man would spend a hell of a lot less time on social media. How can he really defend himself? The Prime Minister is a surprise sucker for the latest meme. He’s even previously toyed with the idea of setting up his own entirely spurious profile so that he could post away to his heart’s content. However, even he could see how badly things might pan out were he caught getting up to such mischief.

Even so, he’s at long last realised that events simply aren’t sustainable. He has to kick this habit before it escalates into something debilitating. At first it was nothing more than an occasional idle moment on Facebook. But then he discovered Tumblr. And Reddit. Then things took one hell of a time consuming turn when he stumbled upon the procrastinatory goldmine that is Imgur.

But when you’re supposed to be running the country a lot of time spent on websites such as these kind of sort of messes with your productivity. In a fairly major way. So he’s going to go public against the decision of several senior advisors. Cameron is less fussed about what such a revelation might do to his reputation than he is about ridding himself of this habit once and for all.

He’s going on an internet free cleanse, a course of meditation and would start thinking very seriously about growing a beard if a hipster leader of the nation wasn’t a terrifying and overall incredibly depressing thought. Once he’s through the other side of cold turkey, David will be able to get his life back and not worry about the latest developments in the world of that Dungeons and Dragons meme. It was getting exhausting trying to dream up new angles on that particular runaway freight train of internet.


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