Mystery of Who Comes Out for Brexit

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely not sick to my back teeth when it comes to talking endlessly about the whole European situation. I’m quite surely not anticipating getting thoroughly tired of the inevitable and incredibly lengthy debates that we all know are going to happen. It’s rather exciting, frankly, to think about the field day the press are going to have with this story for months and months. Remember how genuinely captivating the Scottish independence referendum was? Precisely. This one’s set to be even more of a belter.

In these early days we can but wonder in amazement as to who will sally forth and reveal themselves to be supporters for one side or the other. There was the stupendous surprise of Boris Johnson spouting off about the fact that he thinks we’d definitely be better off out of Europe. The bulk of the political heavyweights will spend much of this week setting up their various stalls in efforts to sway opinions and garner votes for their personal persuasions.

What I think I’m safe in saying is that no one is overly bothered about what the various ministers think. What everyone will be gagging to know is what do our dear old British celebrities reckon? Once a national treasure throws in their two cents then the campaign is sure to build some serious momentum. Should they start filming videos of them endorsing one side of the argument or the other things are going to go viral.

Stars from all the way across the worlds of acting, sport, popular talent, stuff that probably shouldn’t count as being famous at all (you know exactly what I’m talking about. The Made in Chelsea lot and that. In fact, they’d probably say whatever you wanted if you made it worth their while…) will step up to the fore and start letting everyone know what they believe and why they should agree with it. I know we’re all very excited.


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