Family’s Vigil for EU Vote Battle

Oh it’s totally going to be the closest thing that politics gets to bloody in this country. Well, that might be overstating things just a very little but there’s probably going to be extensive name calling with a smattering of hair pulling from the more immature members of the Cabinet. I’m sure you know which ones I mean. If you don’t then I am going to heartily recommend that you tune into the parliamentary channel once in a while. That feed gets crazy.

So the common people have become really quite concerned by the developing situation. David Cameron has at long last announced when the vote’s going to occur and so the gloves of various ministers have come off. How is this petty feud going to affect the lives of the general populace? There will be so very many innocents caught in the crossfire, most of them simply because they looked vaguely ethnic and as if they might have come from another country within the EU.

A particular perfectly ordinary family has decided that the way forward is to hold a vigil. The gods alone have control over the situation and they wanted to appeal to them in an especially obsequious fashion. They’re pulling out all the stops along the entirety of the whole nine yards. Candles, specially written prayers, they may even start waving palm fronds. They’ve become a little confused what with the current proximity to Easter.

It’s almost definitely probably not going to work but I think we pretty much all knew that already. Really the only way forward for us all is to cross our fingers very tightly and hope extremely keenly that it’s going to be alright. And by that I do of course mean that everyone has to agree with me unless they want the hissiest fit of all time to be pitched.


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