Gove Ready to Join the Real Crisis

You think we’re in trouble? Oh, my dear sweet summer children, you ain’t seen absolutely nothing yet. Up until now things have simply been gearing up in order to prevent you with the most spectacular sandwich stuffed with faecal matter the world has ever seen. I feel that some of you are raising your eyebrows at me right now, why on earth would you doubt that everything is heading somewhere distinctly horrible?

Come on, haven’t you at the very least been paying the slightest attention to the electoral situation in America? Do you realise how close they are to making the human embodiment of herpes the closest thing they have to a king? It’s a lot more frightening than I think a lot of people are prepared to admit at this point in time. It almost makes you really pretty thankful for the political situation we’ve got going for us right here at home. Nearly.

But that’s not what’s worrying Michael Gove. He has in fact been surprisingly quiet on what’s been bothering him as of late. It could be related to the environment because that’s an oncoming gathering storm that people are putting far too much energy into ignoring. Then there’s the economic situation that’s somewhat more related to what’s supposedly his wheelhouse and that. It’s probably not that though, he doesn’t strike me as the type to get this stressed about his work.

Whatever it might be that’s twisted his knickers so amazingly he’s finally going to do something about it. Mr Gove is wading in, taking names and sorting absolutely everything out. Maybe it’s not especially surprising that you don’t really know what the crisis is because it’s already so close to being entirely sorted by this paragon of making everything absolutely alright once again. It’s going to be fine. Probably.


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