Radioactive Theft Wins Huge Support

There’s a question you will be asked in life. It’s a terribly crucial one for your love life. Should you and a potential partner disagree on it then it’s probably a sign that the relationship simply isn’t meant to be. In fact, if you confront your other half of several years with this query and it doesn’t go well you could hardly ask for a more clear cut sign that it’s time to end it and move on. Forget about the children, they were born out of a lie.

Do you find the idea of nuclear war exciting? This isn’t a moral question regarding whether or not we should be allowed or even able to blow one another to radioactive smithereens. The very notion may make you feel ill and leave you shivering in your vulnerable little boots. But surely you’ve got to admit that such a proposition would make life that little bit less dull. It may not be an overly fun prospect but you’d be a fool to claim that it wasn’t an exciting one.

Ever keen to prove a point, a group of militant pedants have taken this thinking a little further down the line to what they regard as its entirely natural conclusion. In short, they went and stole some nuclear weapons. Nothing too flashy, just a few atomic bombs taken from their friendly neighbourhood nuclear stockpile. It was a lot easier than they’d dared to dream and now they’re ecstasy is almost entirely unconfined.

Just take a worrying moment or two to really think about it. Any moment one or other of them might decide that the time is ripe to depress the finger hovering so tantalisingly over the button. And then when that instance of mortal peril comes how will we cram sufficient meaning into those final moments? Life won’t be remotely humdrum or boring when it has to be squashed into a matter of minutes. There’s more support for this than you might think.


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