Slaughter of Cameron’s EU Deal

Face it people, the naysayers have made their minds up and there’s absolutely no coming back from the point of no return. Europe is well and truly out. It was only ever a fad to begin with and now the glorious island nation is well and truly done with it. When you think about it, what did we ever really need them for? Sure, their culture surpasses ours in every single way but at least we’ve got the Cornish pasty.

As much as David doesn’t actually want us to go (it’s really rather amazing the way this divisive issue has brought us together. We could even start going for drinks or something if the very thought didn’t make me ever so slightly sick in my mouth), it turns out that this isn’t his decision. Someone somewhere decided that Europe was terrible and bad and yucky and a surprising number of people have just gone along with it.

The Prime Minister himself laid a deal in front of the huddled masses and they said no. It was a pathetic sop of a compromise and it still wasn’t quite enough because he was trying to very hard indeed to keep us in Europe. I’m starting to think that one of the ringleaders of this movement had a really bad experience on a European exchange trip at school or something because it’s all gone way beyond what could have been considered rational.

Like it or lump it, we’re basically out of Europe already (I for one am lumping it with hostility. Democracy is rubbish when everyone else disagrees with my specific viewpoint). Not even Cameron can convince people that this is a terrible mistake. On the other hand, at least we’re not being confronted with the question of Trump. I shudder to think how we might respond to such a proposition. I don’t think we’re prepared for that test.


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